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Dr. Marks


Hijackers ditch an airliner into the remote Canadian wilderness and seventeen-year-old Kyle Reynolds, along with the rest of St. Mark's award winning jazz band, somehow survives the crash. Kyle escapes into the wild with Misty, the girl of his daydreams, only to find out the hijackers will stop at nothing to find her. Fighting a relentless pack of terrorists and the unforgiving wilderness, Kyle is stunned to discover why Misty is the prize the terrorists are after and even more shocked to find his feelings for Misty are so deep he is willing to do anything to protect her...even die to keep her safe.

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What you believe about where you come from has a lot to say about who you are and what should matter in your life. Understanding Evolution and Creation is designed to help you understand the differences between Evolution and the teachings about Creation from the Bible. This book breaks down complex scientific issues in a quick, easy-to-understand way. Ideal for teaching, the book also includes memory acronyms to provide you with Biblically sound and scientifically accurate answers when you encounter Evolutionary teaching.

Some people have to be force fed maturity – particularly teenagers stranded helplessly on remote Canadian Islands. Join Patrick Marks, a towering icon of wimp-i-tude, in this hilarious short tale about maturing experiences with bears, mosquitoes the size of large poodles, Pot-Licker the cat and near death experiences with outhouses.

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