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The Devil is NOT in the solution business!

“But the Magicians of Egypt did the same with their secret arts” (Ex 7:22)…So – God worked through Moses to demonstrate His great power by turning the waters of the Nile into blood. And the magicians take a little clean water and also turn it into blood, so the heart of the king was hardened. Of course, any decent magician can use slight of hand to make something “appear” – that doesn’t prove anything. A real miracle would have been the magicians turning the waters of the Nile back into clean water.

In fact, that’s the point. The Devil and his servants have never been in the business of solving anyone’s problems. That’s just not part of his plan. Whatever the enemy does, it just creates more blood. For example, it was God who invented sex – and invented the pleasure that goes along with it. And God made it clear, from the beginning, that sex was to be between a man and his wife exclusively. So, the enemy take something as beautiful and clear and refreshing as that (like clear water), waves his little magic wand and says, “look at this – you can have all the pleasure without the commitment.” But the truth is, it’s a deception – it just creates more problems, not solutions – just blood. Unwanted pregnancy, STD’S, broken hearts, relationship destruction – and death…just more blood.

In the same way, whatever God is leading you to change or do will only ever lead to a SOLUTION. Jesus said He came that we might have life and that more abundantly. He promised that if we did things His way he would give us clear, clean, living water that would bubble up within us – not more blood. It may be tempting to think that whatever God is leading you to do is not a big deal except that God never majors in minors. Whatever God is leading – for you – it IS a big deal. And whatever He leads, He will always equip you to get it done too.

Just remember: the answer isn’t, “Okay God, when you give me what I need, then I’ll do it.” No, the answer of faith is to simply get on with it and then God will provide what you need as you move forward.

Don’t wait!

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